About Us

Surfing has become a widely used medium for ocean conservation and a platform for change. Through hands on education and exciting exposure to the enjoyment of the ocean, Small Steps Surfing aims to preserve the beauty that this planet has to offer.

Small Steps Surfing is a 21 day surf tour which travels down the east coast of South Africa, Sodwana Bay to Cape Town, focused on not only enjoying the natural beauty of this amazing country, but lending a hand to those that need it most. Jump in the water with the thousands of smiles and share the stoke that is surfing!

Join us now, as we take you to some of the best surf locations in South Africa and show you that these ‘small steps’ are vital to making a difference.


During your stay you will encounter:
-Sea turtle nesting / Hatchling encounters
-Game drives to amazing wildlife parks
-Wild animal encounters both in and out of the water
-Beach clean ups
-Interactive days to the Shark Life Center

*Small Steps Surfing works closely with Isimangaliso Wetland Park to bring about a greater sense of conservation to not only the areas of St Lucia & Sodwana Bay but South Africa as a whole. We encourage conservation of every kind.


Learning never stops!
Our educational programs are not bound to just the kids or our guests, but encapsulates all. Together with a forerunner in Mental Health Awareness, Noggin Notes, we follow and study the effects of Surf Therapy and basic healthy human interaction on mental well-being.

We further aim to educate our youth on the importance of Ocean Conservation and the benefits of preserving their natural environments


The focus of the tour is not just about chasing some of the best waves out there. We also base our tour on human interaction! As you make your way along the coast, you will have scheduled stops at local surf programs including SMALL STEPS SURFING.

Spend the day becoming Coach, Mentor and Friend to the many happy faces you will meet. There will be beach cleanups, lunch for all and an opportunity to SHARE THE STOKE!

surfing conservation
Who is behind Small Steps Surfing?

What originally started as just a long shot holiday idea, grew into a life changing experience. From simple things like logo design to driving around South Africa collecting unwanted surf gear, I was hooked. Straight out of high school I found myself working in the superyacht industry. 6 years of thrills and spills, but no sum of money or exotic location could give me the rush that this interaction has given.

With a broader sense for ocean conservation and using surfing as a medium for positive change within the community, I formed what is now Small Steps Surfing. Seeing the enthusiasm and stoke on the kids faces will change you forever. By simply giving the kids their childhood back and teaching them how to channel their energy, we aim to install a positive surf culture within the small coastal communities.

We aim to share the stoke.
We aim to make a change.
We aim to inspire.

Jurgen Jacobs
Founder/ Director
Small Steps Surfing